What does "Barrel Drawn" mean?

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Kentucky Straight

High rye bourbon

Our flagship bourbon is bottled at 90 Proof and made with 75% yellow corn, 15% rye, and 10% malted barley. It has aromatic notes of butterscotch and spices with a peppery, spiced flavor. Barrel-aged for at least 2 years.

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high rye Straight bourbon Barrel Drawn

In the distillery, you are able to draw your own bourbon straight from the barrel, cork and label the bottle yourself. This gives you a one-of-a-kind 107 Proof bottle of Kentucky Straight bourbon.


Wheated Bourbon

Bottled at 90 Proof and made with 75% yellow corn, 15% wheat, and 10% malted barley, our Wheated Bourbon has a rich, buttered spiced cake aroma. The taste yields more oak and vanilla flavors compared to the pepper and spice of the High Rye.

Also available in Barrel Drawn at 100 Proof.


Blue Dog Whiskey

This unaged blue corn whiskey demonstrates the differences of corn flavors. Blue corn has a more mellow, earthy flavor compared to the sweetness of yellow corn. In this Blue Dog, the notable flavors are floral such as a Mezcal or Tequila while still being noticeably corn. A unique "mixer" for cranberry juice or margaritas and more.


Santa's Helper

Cinnamon Whiskey

Every winter holiday needs cinnamon to warm you from the inside out. Only a limited number of our seasonal whiskey remain. Come by and grab some Santa’s Helper before the Holiday’s are over.

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Blue Corn Bourbon

Once the Blue Dog Whiskey is aged, it is sold as our Blue Corn Bourbon made of 75% blue corn, 15% wheat, and 10% malted barley. Unlike any other bourbon, the blue corn yields an earthy, nutty, and mildly vanilla flavor. We are looking to release our first KY Straight Blue Corn Bourbon March 2019. Follow us on Facebook or Instagram to stay updated.